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Bienvenido and Welcome to "Hola Shalom" – Guided Tours in Spain !
Spain is a country built a complex mosaic of autonomous provinces, creating a wide range of national and cultural groups have their own history and characteristics, with some even speaking different languages??. Who are the Catalans, Castilians, Basques, Andalusian, Hgalisaim and Gypsies, And how they live all together and separately ? Join us and find out!
Refiners you the experience of the trip – we believe that the use of the senses during the trip overcome barriers of language and culture, interact directly with the place and transform the trip to exciting experience , unique and independent.

Personal attention and customization

Our trips are designed with love of familiarity with the area and experience.
We partner with the finest suppliers in each of the cities in which we operate and work with the best instructors. We offer customization service take into account the smallest details and, take your trip to fantasy one step further and turns it into reality, colorful and unique.
Soft landing in Spain – we at "Hola Shalom" arrenge for you all the details of the trip to Spain includes all sites and attractions, before landing in Spain.
We put special care on quality and reliable service, availability, professionalism, and training based on the fascinating and comprehensive knowledge up to date.
Our philosophy – we put special attention on knowledge of the local culture – during the tour we stop drinking coffee or cava, eat and spend in the local and high level of excitement guides and connect you to the history and art of Spain, the Jews of Spain and Catalonia. In addition, we offer you different routes beyond tradicional mainstream as rappelling in Montserrat Mountain Reserve, Tours, Israel Pyrenees, Costa Brava cruise and stop for swimming and more …

Our personal word, guides – we will be happy to share with you the experience of the trip to Spain, you get to know Madrid, Valencia, southern Spain, and of course Barcelona – The city is that looking for an identity. Join us and together we will march in the footpath of the Catalan art, we familiar with Salvador Dali, Catalan cuisine taste, drink cava and sangria, flamenco dance, will visit Camp – Nou and recognize any tourist worth in Spain.
Vamos sarting !
Join us experience to an unforgettable trip in Spain !

Excellent and experienced guides The company "Hola Shalom" consists of a cohesive team of guides, you will make acquaintance with Spain in general and Barcelona in particular, a real love story. Our guides live in Spain all year round, live local culture and add to your travel experience value.